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I love Kai’s passion even if he does look possessed half the time

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Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you. —(via gijibae)
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D-4 to Luhan’s Birthday: Reasons why Luhan is the Perfect Bias (for me)
how he tries to be strong: “i was holding back my tears, because real men seldom cry.” even when he’s experiencing overwhelming feelings himself, he always does his best to try and hold it back and comfort the others instead, being the strong one so that the others will have someone to lean on. he has a tender heart, and i really want to tell him that it’s okay to cry and let his feelings out sometimes, that it doesn’t make him weak, and that he should also depend on others more like others depend on him. ;o;
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you okay…..???

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Luhan turning heads with his soccer skills.

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EXO; then and now
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EXO’s concert tickets sold out in 1.47 second



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Taekai being comfortable around each other (◕‿◕✿)

#taemin is so squirrely with most people when it comes to physical affection #jongin is one of the few people he can touch without his butt popping out and away #as if his lower half were trying to escape

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